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Focus or a lack thereof

Focus or a lack thereof

An Epiphany on Losing My Way in the World of Warcraft As I mentioned in a previous post, one of my main goals in starting this blog was to have an outlet for some of the observations and stories that pop into my head as I’m playing WOW again. My guildies can easily ignore my … Continue reading

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  • So Much Love! So Little Time... Just wanted to give a quick shout out to all the other awesome people putting out WOW content... from the people on my 'blogroll' now to the people who belong there and will get there soon. I'm actually thinking about doing a separate resource page, but I digress (!!!). Anyway, I was looking through my list of podcasts to listen to, my sites I've recently bookmarked to dive into later and I have to say... it's a great time to be a gamer in general and a WOW fan specifically. Where's everybody going? Oh, you don't all have 10-20 hours a week to dedicate to single game anymore?!?  :-/     - STX
  • They Pulled Me Back In! I think that's how the line in Godfather III goes...  anyway... just an  update and apology for the lack of posts the last few days. No way to start a blogger/blogee (?) relationship. The siren song of welfare epics has called my name... iLvl from 461 to 479 in a week! Ok, I've dropped about 10k in the AH as well, but I feel leet again! Ahhh... WOW, why can't I quit you? More soon. - STX
  • Ah, man. Totally hooked again. Had a lot of play time with the SO otherwise entertained and took major advantage of it. Stuff I hadn't planned on doing at all... I was supposed to just be doing Golden Lotus and finishing out the 5.0 quests. What did I do instead? Started the Dominance Offensive, started the Darkspear Rebellion and am now totally into the Battlefield: Barrens grind. How did it come to this? I'll tell you... I did a couple runs through LFR, got a couple drops and now I care about my iLvl again. Which means... gotta get that Latent Kor'kron gear! OMG... welfare epics hidden behind a wicked grind... or so it seems? Got the head, shoulder, belt & legs to drop tonight, so I'm just 3 resets away from being right back in this! How did this happen? Oh wait... this always happens. STX, you're a WOW-holic. You may quit, but you'll always be an addict....  sigh.
  • The hardest part about maintaining a blog about gaming... is that if you have time to write, you probably have time to game! Playing > Writing, yes?  I guess its all about where your commitment lies, which will be the subject of my next post...  as soon as I do some dailies ;)  - STX
  • WOW Thought of the Day: I'm concerned about 'virtual servers', though I admittedly haven't read much about how they'll work. But if CRZ (cross-realm zones) is any indication, it's going to make scarce or rare resources that much harder to come by w/o actually building a community, or more importantly, a community-policed market for the fair exchange of these resources. From where I'm standing, that ship has sailed in this game. - STX
  • Thanks to the few of you who've found this blog and started to follow it, even in these first few days as I'm getting everything together. It means a lot, given all the other blogs out there, that you'd take a second to give me a click. Thanks again. -STX
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